The Eccentric One Never Sleeps

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Alyssa By fearmygunhands Updated 3 years ago
“Where are you from?” I asked casually.
    She thought for a moment. “I don’t remember,” she said finally.
    “You… don’t remember?” 
    “Not one bit,” she clarified, her eyes shining. 
    “Well, that’s… odd,” I said.
    “I get that a lot,” she laughed.
    “What?” I asked stupidly.
    “Odd. Different. I’ve heard it all before,” she said to me, grinning.
    I laughed awkwardly.
    “Wanna know my favorite?” she said, a devilish smile on her face. I was a little afraid to ask.
    “Eccentric,” she said, with a bigger smile on her face.
I finished reading what you have so far and it's amazing! I can't wait until you finish it (: