Darling, Let Me Save You

Darling, Let Me Save You

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idfwu9891 By idfwu9891 Updated Feb 28, 2015

Aubriella Snow is a 17 year old senior, who is entering her last year of high school, with her abusive boyfriend, Liam.                              

Sophia Carson is a 23 year old English teacher, who landed her first teaching job at a high school, in a new town.                        

What happens when these two cross paths? Will Aurbie tell Ms Carson the truth, or will she continue to get hurt by Liam? The two develop a connection, that no student and teacher should and they are drawn towards each other.

Dakoda535 Dakoda535 Apr 25
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jihwangie jihwangie May 03
Sometimes people don't know that they're actually in an abusive relationship. They thought it was nothing and will end soon. But they thought wrong when it ended up them hurting more. It's sad to know how something like this does happen tho.
Dakoda535 Dakoda535 Apr 27
Don't get me wrong I like kinky shít, but to strait up hurt her like dat, that's not cool
Dakoda535 Dakoda535 Apr 25
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BreadOk BreadOk Jul 11
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Dakoda535 Dakoda535 Apr 25
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