Darling, Let Me Save You

Darling, Let Me Save You

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idfwu9891 By idfwu9891 Updated Feb 28, 2015

Aubriella Snow is a 17 year old senior, who is entering her last year of high school, with her abusive boyfriend, Liam.                              

Sophia Carson is a 23 year old English teacher, who landed her first teaching job at a high school, in a new town.                        

What happens when these two cross paths? Will Aurbie tell Ms Carson the truth, or will she continue to get hurt by Liam? The two develop a connection, that no student and teacher should and they are drawn towards each other.

Clexa_Haught Clexa_Haught Nov 04, 2017
"And i love to read gxg smuts" thats what i wanted to hear.. Nor read *shrugs*
banoonacorn banoonacorn Sep 26, 2017
Sweetie the seed has been planted and is beginning to grow, you can't escape it.
Naomitha101 Naomitha101 Nov 14, 2017
Aubriella “Snow” n her name Brittany “Snow” but it’s Sofia Carson but it’s the actual Sofia Carson Bruh.....😂
Amranrhoune Amranrhoune Nov 12, 2017
Not to disrespect anyone but can someone stays when their lover hurts them apart from these who are into that?
Mermaid_Lady Mermaid_Lady Aug 31, 2017
Tbh Idk why people hurt their girlfriends or boyfriends or whatever they are. Like Jesus you're dating them because you want to take care of them, not hurt them intentionally
The-Klosses The-Klosses Aug 11, 2017
Brittany Snow is the reason i realized I'm a raging lesbian. She wad also the one who made me question my sexuality!