the lovers and the broken

the lovers and the broken

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keef koGAYne By imma_gaylien Updated Mar 04, 2018

there are two people in this world. The lovers and the broken. the lovers might have been hurt once but are fine really. the broken however..... they can't be fixed. they're not okay. that will never be okay.

people like to say that they're the broken when they're fine. makes the sick freaks feel special. it gives them attention. the lovers love the attention and always have.

the people who are really broken dont brag about it. they might mention it to their friends if they have any but, not for the whole world to see on the internet. they need help but, you know who gets help?

the lovers. the lovers who say they're not okay. the lovers who lie about their lives to make people pity them.

i HATE you if you're one of the lovers who pretend to be broken. you disgust me.

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