Snowball (BoyxBoy)

Snowball (BoyxBoy)

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Leon is a werewolf, a beautiful white wolf. But he isn't strong like all the other wolves of his pack. He is a disappointment to his parents and to all his superiors. So when he finds his mate, it is not a big surprise when he rejects Leon. Leon gets kicked out of the pack because of his depression and lying. He gets sent to a place with  snow. A lot of it. There he discovers that the snow gives him powers he never knew he had.

He loves the new strength he got, and all the new friends that came with his special ability. But then he has to go back to his old pack. Back to his old problems. But this time, they need his help. But is he willing to help the people who destroyed his live?


Warning : This story is a boyxboy story.

  • alpha
  • boyxboy
  • bxb
  • mate
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  • pack
  • power
  • reject
  • snow
  • snowball
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animelovermangalove animelovermangalove Jan 07, 2017
I have to read this over again, Snowball is one of my favorite werewolf stories ever. ^^
Caleb_Hesse Caleb_Hesse Feb 09, 2017
Awesome! Just a tip though: When someone's dialog is completely over, move the next character' dialog to a new paragraph. :)
Script_Hero Script_Hero Aug 12, 2015
@_eiramslove_  Okey! I will keep it in mind! thanks for letting me know! X
eiramslove eiramslove Aug 12, 2015
@Script_Hero , i mean, for me, it's sometimes confusing if the dialogues are next to each other... i mean, uhm... just lay off a space or two to identify who's talking to who..  um..  yeah..  xD
Script_Hero Script_Hero Aug 12, 2015
@_eiramslove_  you mean put a blank space in between them or...?? thanx! X
eiramslove eiramslove Aug 12, 2015
can you work on the spacings between convo's and paragraphs? xD nice prologue tho! xD