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Keeping Myself from Falling in Love

Keeping Myself from Falling in Love

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Jan By YouCanRunTheMile Completed

James Potter has been on about Lily for years. Lily doesnt accept her feelings for idiot Potter and locks them up keeping her from falling in love but when that lock breaks what will happen?  Lets see the experiences of the chosen ones parents about love until their end.

kckay3 kckay3 6 days ago
"Eh, 1) it's normal for Potter to be late, 2) Lily JUST stated she hated Potter, she shouldn't be experiencing nervousness and denial related to Potter yet. HONESTLY." Hermione comments, earning a glare from Ron and Harry, who were, previously, enjoying the book thus far.
-sarcasticsalma -sarcasticsalma Jul 12, 2016
I legit say this in almost every Jily related thing ever, but Lily there is a seven book series I want you to's called the Harry Potter series...
aisccc aisccc Aug 04, 2015
If only she knew how she'd pass the rest of her life with that 'igotistical jerk' hahahahahahhaha
Hollyleaf_ Hollyleaf_ Nov 10, 2014
*pats her head* Oh Lily, come take a walk with me and I will explain EVERYTHING
JilyPotterOblivion JilyPotterOblivion Sep 06, 2014
Sure you don't that's why you say you'll go out with him and marry him!!
YouCanRunTheMile YouCanRunTheMile Aug 03, 2014
Thanks, its always too bad for Potter, he'll die with his wife atleast (Im not sorry for saying that)