Alex Rider: A story behind every scar

Alex Rider: A story behind every scar

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Alex was pissed. A certain grey man aka the prestgious head of MI6 had  stopped the plan to send him to Sabina's. After Cairo there had been a failed assasination attempt on the Pleasure's. So here he was two weeks later at 5:00am in the canteen of his personal hell.Which also happened to be know as Breacon Beacons SAS training ground.The Sargent hated that he was here and made that very apparent. 

He walked into the canteen with soft silent footfalls, once a spy always a spy they say. But Alex wasn't known as a spy here. Here he was still double o nothing. He could ignore the jeers and glares of the soldiers, he refused to call them team mates, he could ignore everything now. Since Cairo Alex had been almost dead, he performed all his tasks silently yet perfectly. Anyone who saw his eyes would be scared they were dead eyes lifeless as if all the joy of life had bee suck out. And in someways it had.

A few hours later was when the problem started...

For the first time since Alex re-j...

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