I Guess I'm Gay (BoyxBoy)

I Guess I'm Gay (BoyxBoy)

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April By FluffyBunny Updated May 10, 2013

No one expected that one "Hello" from a brown haired, seven year old boy on his first day of second grade would result in the unbreakable friendship of Ryder Storm and Lance Taylor. From day one these two boys have been inseparable and now 9 years later and their first day of junior year in Highschool, their bond is just as strong and secure as it was back then. 

Ryder and Lance loves to be the center or attention. Good or bad, it didn't matter, just as long as people were looking their way was all they cared about. They'd do just about anything to make someone laugh, to cause the teachers to send them straight to the principle's office, to have their parents look at them in shock over the latest prank they had just pulled. Neither cared what the others thought about them, as they pretended to be gay for the laughs. 

What happens when Ryder gets bored and they take one prank on a homophobic teacher a little to far? When their feelings for each other start to become to much for either of them to handle?

Yeah, I suck at descriptions...*sigh* it has cute gay boys in it and it's funny...WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED TO KNOW?! XD