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Pennywise buys his balloons 
from Party City, and YOU should too! 

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         CAST AND 

[ 1st book in my st & it preference series ]

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ThePotatoQueen13 ThePotatoQueen13 21 hours ago
This is how it would happen
                              *takes puff out of inhaler* hey *gasps for air* cutie. You need a *coughs* ride?
ThePotatoQueen13 ThePotatoQueen13 21 hours ago
You're all I want! You're all I have-go away!!!-ahhhhh
                              I love vine
Why do I feel like this is something he would say?
Oh honey, are you mentally stable? We all know that I look like trash
FinchBab FinchBab Aug 11
I suck at life so i would never be in a band or anything like that but i think I'd look bomb af in a marching band outfit lmao
So you mean this boy picked up a ENTIRE BELL AND MARIMBA and just started trying to play it??? I think not.