The Devil's Crush.

The Devil's Crush.

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It's all going well for Eleven. The love of her life is back into the town. Her parents are loving and everything is fun and sorted with her best friends. Life is nothing but a happy- to- go carousel for her. It couldn't be better.

And that's when enters Landon Pierce. 

He's the Satan's spawn, 
He's the evil's dawn. 
He's the bad boy of the town. 
He's the one gifted with Lucifer's crown. 
He's Eleven's tyrant. 

But, he's changed and that's apparent. 

Not to everyone. What happens when Eleven's bully has changed? What if he has become her guardian angel? The cliché is bound to happen. 

Yet, throw in challenges, dares, best- bitches, awkward positions, almost kisses, mixed signals and voila! 

There you have Eleven's new, updated roller coaster life- all because of being The Devil's Crush. 

||C L I C H É   A L E R T||

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