Percy Jackson Truth or Dare

Percy Jackson Truth or Dare

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Reagan By awkhemmo96 Updated Dec 22, 2014

Hey! So I'm doing a PJ truth or dare!!! (I hate to be the demigod of obviousness) I'm excited because I may be playing matchmaker a bit here. :D So comment, vote, and follow for more! 



"Leo truth or dare?" Jason asked.

"Truth." I replied.

Jason grinned. "Who do you like?"

"Dare?" I said weakly.

"No backing out Valdez!" Percy crowed.

"Um...Reyna." I whispered.

"Hmm? I couldn't hear you." Jason said tauntingly.

"Reyna." I blurted quickly.

Reyna looked up.

I buried my face in my hands nervously.


Leo: I hate you.

Me: *tear* Why thank you Leo that means so much.

Leo: Shut up

Reyna: What in the gods name was that Leo?

Leo: ........

Told ya I'd be playing matchmaker!!!!!! Thanks for reading! Next chapter out soon!!!!!


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IAmACatWithABanjo IAmACatWithABanjo Sep 22, 2017
Let's face it. He's a straight up flirt and would never whisper or be embarrassed by this.
Grins. Leo, ya better run unless you want to die at early age.
                              Funeral Bearers: Hm, I wonder how he died.....
                              The Seven, er Six now: He died from Reyna...
jugheads_a_serpent jugheads_a_serpent Jan 07, 2017
why does everyone ship leo with with other people CALEO4LIFE
HelloThere889 HelloThere889 Aug 16, 2016
*Sits in corner* Eh, I could work with this. 
                              Also, Leo, couldn't you say, "Any girl EVER?!?!"
ariel1687 ariel1687 Aug 16, 2016
I ship caleo but ive read books that ship thalico while I'm a solagelo fan.
Wisdom_Delta Wisdom_Delta Jan 03, 2016
Hey, so I know this is random but could u guys go check out my new Percy Jackson Jokes?Your REALLY gonna love it. :)