Kidnapped, By One Direction

Kidnapped, By One Direction

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I guess you could say that this story is like every other One Direction fan fiction or any fan fiction for that matter, but it isn’t – well, lots of stories say that, but I mean it with this one.

Anna is a Australian teenager, with her faults and flaws, but like every other person out there, she has her qualities and loves living life large – as a hyperactive and crazy young woman who loves pranking, laughing and having fun by herself.

Until five males pop out of nowhere and comes a part of her life.

With the lads from One Direction coming into play, there’s no doubt about influences one can have on another if they look like they’re having fun.

Pranks, friendship, fights, You Tubers, bands, famous people and craziness will come from their little encounter.

But one thing is in question at the moment, will there be love? 

Pfft, good luck with that one, first there’s a roller coaster of Anna’s crazy life and the ‘situations’ everyone seems to be getting into now that Anna’s here.

So, sit back, relax, and try your hardest not to laugh out loud and look like  a crazy person.

Hallemouse Hallemouse Aug 27, 2016 09:03PM
I love the fact that everyone knows who is saying what without the mention of names 😂
Totally not my sixth time reading pffffffft what are you on about
my are hazel but apparently they sometimes look green or blue so I'm like a fricking rainbow
Oh my god I can't stop laughing I have only read one other fanfic
imcookiezombie imcookiezombie Aug 21, 2016 04:25AM
time to reread this for like the seVENTH TIME because why not and fEEELS