Crippled Beyond Repair (Attack on Titan/Levi x Hanji)

Crippled Beyond Repair (Attack on Titan/Levi x Hanji)

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Gabi P By gabibug19 Updated Aug 06, 2019

"The titan was closing in. It was only meters away when he jumped from the horse. Levi shot one of his grappling hooks at the titan's shoulder. Swinging around the titan, he shot his other grappling hook at the base of the titans neck, just as he released the first grappling hook. He activated the gas mechanism, reeling himself in. The titan didn't even bother trying to grab him. It was definitely an abnormal. This may be a little easier than he had thought it would be. 

He got closer and closer to the base of the titan's neck. He prepared his swords to slice at the base of the neck. Then the titan stopped. It had been crawling along at an amazing speed, when it suddenly jolted to a stop. He slammed against the titan's side. He didn't hear anything, but he thought he felt a crack in his side. Pain erupted like fire in his abdomen. He groaned. Shaking his head, he tried to clear his senses. Why had the titan stopped?"

Will the past destroy the future?
It is a time of great upheaval. Wall Maria has fallen. 
Levi is lost to himself. His regrets. His mistakes. All that he lives for is to slaughter the next titan. He will spend the rest of his life avenging those lost souls that were once so dear to him.
Hanji takes Levi as one of her charges. Recognizing the pain he bears, she intends to do whatever is possible to ease that burden. She will give him something more to live for.  
But Levi's past comes back to haunt him. He decides to end it, to cut ties with his past. But can he? Or will he just hurt those around him, covering his hands with more blood?

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