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The New Kid (Merome FF)

The New Kid (Merome FF)

50.8K Reads 2.1K Votes 16 Part Story
ṅєẇṭ ṡåṅɢṡṭєŗ By bajan_asf Completed

Mitch Hughes has been bullied almost all his life for one secret.  Jerome Aceti moves into town, and now goes to Mitch's school.  Will Jerome find out his secret?  Will he care and bully him like everyone else?

(Disclaimer: I wrote this story in the beginning of 2014, so my writing skill were most likely at the bare minimum.  Grammar and overall mistakes might be present throughout this entire thing, but many people seem to like it nonetheless.  Thanks for that by the way!  Anyways enjoy!)

Jenny2356 Jenny2356 Mar 11, 2016
OH NOW IT'S ON! NO ONE MESSES WITH BENJA! *pulls kid away from Mitch* *swings frying pan* WHACK! *kid falls to floor*
Jenny2356 Jenny2356 Mar 11, 2016
If I was Jerome I would been like: "Yo, was up homey? How ya doin?" *takes seat* *everyone stares at me* Mitch: Are you foreign?
kookies-and-milkfic kookies-and-milkfic Feb 01, 2016
when i picture mitch crying i get sad agh i can't do this, stupid skyrim background music does not match my emotions rn ugh
megashiper megashiper Aug 28, 2016
sorry if a few of my comments seem a little more annoyed, my computer is currently making a really frickin loud buzzing noise and its pissing me off :T
BronieWubz BronieWubz Mar 10, 2016
Well... isn't it costing you even MORE money since you have to move? A decent house is at least $100,000. Idk, just my opinion.
Jenny2356 Jenny2356 Mar 11, 2016
It is CAPTAIN SPARKLEZ!!!!! *music plays in background as Jordan walks in*