Take It Slow - Marichat SIN Fanfiction

Take It Slow - Marichat SIN Fanfiction

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Marinette thought she had a crush on Adrien Agreste but when she finds out he does feel the same way and does not return those feelings, she thought she would never find love again but little did she know that a certain kitty would make his way into her heart. More Below⬇

It started with silly friendship which turned out to escalate more and more each time they met. Never before had either of them expected to feel this way about each other.

For those who do not know about Miraculous Ladybug:

That kitten is Chat Noir who is actually Adrien Agreste's alter ego and Ladybug is Marinette's alter ego.

Will they find out the truth about each others true identities?

Find out in...Take It Slow - Marichat SIN Fanfiction

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I can only think of something that is slightly dirty and from the Simpsons so please kill me
HarleyQuinnCutie HarleyQuinnCutie 2 days ago
MariChat(Mari×Chat Noir),MariBlanc(Mari×Chat Blanc), or MariBug(Mari×Ladybug)