The Third Son (edited)

The Third Son (edited)

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dont ask about my parents. By Ferret-bird Updated May 05

Approached by a young journalist and historian, Dr. Reverend Roslind McMillan decides to tell the story of the past two years:

Deep in the autumnal forests of Greystone Abbey--before he is ordained or working for the University--Roslind meets the separatist preacher Malory Monteparsse when he collapses, half-dead, on the abbey's front steps. 

Tasked with keeping Monteparsse alive, Roslind soon realizes that he isn't the villain the Church would have him believe, but a man educated in philosophy, theology, and, most importantly, magic. As Roslind's genuine concern for Monteparsse turns into something more, he stumbles into a fight for innocent lives, freedom, and justice that challenges the very core of his beliefs.

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