Tamed (Crimson Hill)

Tamed (Crimson Hill)

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PJ Baxter By pjviibes Updated Aug 06, 2018

Crimson Hill - Book 1

High Rankings - #5 in werebear 8.8.18

Mason Sawyer, Mase, is the Beta of the largest wolf 
pack in the world: the Crimson Hill pack. He's a player, not quite ready to settle down. And why would he? He's got his pick of any male or female in the pack. Not that it matters, Mase is as straight as they come. Right? He won't submit to Roman easily not matter how his body feels.

Roman Bane is a warrior who comes from a long line of proud bear-shifters. Not just any bear, the kodiak: the second largest in the world. He's waited years for his mate whom he always assumed would be a natural submissive. When he discovers it to be Mase a little thing like his stubbornness won't deter him from taking what's his.

Two proud stubborn shifters mating...what was the Moon Goddess thinking? Both Mase and Roman will fight to be the dominant but who will end up on top in the end?

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