Echoes Down The Corridor

Echoes Down The Corridor

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Allie :D By xace28x Completed

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What happens when Abby Williams, just an average teenager, falls in love with her beautiful English teacher, Sarah Proctor? And what happens if those feelings are reciprocated?

My first attempt on Wattpad, a forbidden love/romance flick. Don't quite know where this is going - stick with me to find out :)

*PG-13 for later chapters*

bgsm098 bgsm098 Jul 16
I thought so because of the names
                              Also I have a strong distaste for Abigail (in TheCrucible)😁
DannaCabana DannaCabana Aug 18
is that the movie kiss me from sweden as the  cover, i love that movie
allthewaytoheaven allthewaytoheaven Dec 19, 2016
Man you writing skills are amazing... I've been searching for this kind of writing and finally found it.. Thanks man ✌
GhostlyPickles GhostlyPickles Sep 18, 2016
*Doesn't understand these complicated words because I am in kindergarten*
LionAnderson LionAnderson Jul 10, 2015
so I'm guessing by the cover of this book that they are going to have sex and that was like touche
laurenjbae laurenjbae May 03, 2015
My sophomore English teacher is OBSESSED with the crucible like every day in the hallway she yells "because it's my name" lol