Awakenings: The Greek, The Russian and Me

Awakenings: The Greek, The Russian and Me

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vsmirren By vsmirren Updated Sep 25, 2017

The first year of college is a learning experience in and out of the classroom, as Fran is quickly finding. Her relationship with sultry Greek Conn has been an eye-opener, awakening Fran's passionate sexual desire and need for intimacy. 

But dating Conn has its drawbacks. The two lovers come from very different cultures, and their expectations of each other are often at odds. Still, the sex is amazing. 

As Fran struggles to navigate the inevitable obstacles of a multiethnic relationship, she meets Erik. As seductive as Conn, Erik also comes from a different culture-he's Russian. 

Two men, one woman. It's a tantalizing plot for late-night drama, but Fran quickly finds living that story line to be exhausting-emotionally and physically. She knows she can't have both, but whom does she choose-the Greek or the Russian? It would be a lot easier for her to decide if she didn't have to break someone's heart in the process.

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