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Lelly_ Nerd
Getting bullied and mistreated from other's she don't live a normal life like other's she get abused. 
She get broken down by words. 
Lelly is a really shy person, she not like party type of person. 

She really not social person. Lelly got a friend, well only one friend and her name Kath.

One late afternoon Lelly was cleaning rooms at the hotel. Her shift was about to end because it's was already getting dark so she in a hurry cleaning her last room until she started hearing foot steps coming her way and people's talking her way.

First thing she started doing grabbing all her thing's. She was rushing that sweat start coming down on her side of head. She was nervous.

 When she was about to finish she had to get something across the bed and it's was her car key's.That's was her last thing to get.

When she reach over to get. Her car key's her fell down between the wall and the bed.

"O shit no no no this can't be happening" she said.
She was trying her best to try get her keys. When she was reaching. She was almost centimeters away from her key's.

Everything stop when she start hearing the knob of door trying to open.....

That's when her eyes went wide.....

See what would happen next's.....