Baby I'm Yours (Spinsters & Casanovas: Clarice & Hunter book 2)

Baby I'm Yours (Spinsters & Casanovas: Clarice & Hunter book 2)

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The Casanova

Hunter's life had never been so perfect until he meet the spinster, Clarice Mason. He impregnated her and top of that had confessed to the whole world that he wanted to sleep with her again.

Knowing that Clarice would think that he's just the same playboy Casanova, Hunter proves her wrong by being the perfect partner for their baby. Except his plan was hardly successful as nosy people tend to crop up where he least expected them and destroy his plan.

How could he prove to her that he is utterly and undeniable in love with her and that he's giving his heart and soul to her for all eternity? All he wanted to say were those three words that would bind him to her forever.... 'baby I'm yours.'


The Spinster

In Clarice Mason's mind, all of her thoughts were occupied with her baby. When Hunter comes barging into her life, claiming that he's taking responsibility as the father, it was like he had grown three heads. Clarice refused to understand. She can take care of herself. It was her baby after all. If the father of her baby is a Casanova, then she would prefer not to have one at all. But when Hunter started displaying all the traits that she so desired in a man, she knew that she was in mortal danger. Namely, her heart.

sonja252 sonja252 May 30
Just FYI I'm 23 years older than my husband and we've never been happier for 10 years !!!
Breathe, Han. He just got his wording mixed up. He's of the male sex, they aren't the brightest crayons in the Crayola  box.
I am so close just baking my own damn cupcakes, regardless of it being 1AM.
mechcvl mechcvl Mar 11, 2015
sometimes you try and explain too much which makes the sentence unbearably long. Makes the reader lose interest. Understand that the reader is intelligent enough to get the plot in short sentences.
vanithaaa vanithaaa May 23, 2014
What did Hunter mean by "If his cousin kenw that Clarice was also pregnant as a result of his mistaken one hight stand with her too"??? Did hunter get another woman pregnant? Sorry its been a long time since I read the first book.
imadreidreamer imadreidreamer Feb 09, 2014
Just finished reading Baby Be Mine. Nice story. Looking forward for the next updates.