Once Is Enough |Min Yoongi|

Once Is Enough |Min Yoongi|

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(Suga fanfic.)

Yoongi walk toward me and lean down, eye level with me. He brought his face closer to my neck and I swear he sniff me. I freeze there. 

"You're not sober. Let's talk about this later."  He sighed again. 

"Like I s-said I'm n-not drunk." I said stuttering as he is still leaning closer. 

"Go home."  He commands. 

"I don't want!"  I said gritting my teeth. 

"I said go home. NOW!" He roared. 

I just look at him weirdly. Why is he so serious? He really scared me that moments. I crossed my arm over my chest showing that I'm not intimidated by him even tho I'm wrecking inside. 

I ignored him and walk away. He grab me by my arm and pull me toward him. I stumble a little because of this high heel and crashed onto his chest. His chest is rising up and down while his nose flaring, his lips is in a thin line clearly pissed off with my attitude. 

I use my both hands to push him away but he only tighten his grip on me. I look up to him, glaring. He just look down on me. I search his eyes for answer. But I found none. As his eyes is cloudy with anger. 

Little did I know. I'm in deep trouble. As Min Yoongi himself is trouble...

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