Dragons of War - Rising Storm

Dragons of War - Rising Storm

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150 years in the future little exists of humanity but what they left behind; a war-torn world. Those left that survived fractured into two groups, the Cabal and the Renegade. One fights for order, the other for freedom. Neither remembers how, or when, the fighting started but both realize that it will end with their own extinction... Until one day a crazy man's ideas are realized and materialized into something that could change the world forever.  

Jaya has suffered from this war-torn world like many others. Orphaned at a young age, she has known the bottom of the tier her whole life and her whole life she has dreamed only of the top.

Of becoming a Dragon Warrior.

Made of fire and rage, the Dragon Warriors are the greatest weapon ever created. The ability to become a vicious beast with wings, claws and bulletproof scales made them the new hope for winning the war against the Cabal.
At least they used to be thought of as that.
Nowadays the people see them as the fodder that wastes their food and fills their graves. 

Inside Jaya is a deep-seated rage to get back at the ones who took everything away from her in the war but her shy outward personality stops her from doing anything but daydream. 
Jaya must fight against not only the people around her but her own personality in order to achieve that which she desires most: Revenge.  

(Updates Thur & Tues)  Each part is 1k words. Content Warning: Blood, gore & death in later chapters.

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