Olivia & Ricky's Odyssey to Rock Bottom

Olivia & Ricky's Odyssey to Rock Bottom

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In an attempt to break free of her parents' strict rules, Olivia lands herself in bigger troubles than she had foreseen.
Ricky, on the other hand, is more than used to troubles. But everything changes when he is accused of an assault ...an assault he has no recollection of... and his only hope is Olivia, the victim's best friend.

A relationship slowly develops between them. Little do they know that their problems have only just begun.
Trying to walk the thin line between adolescence and adulthood, while being confronted with their own insecurities. Balancing new friendships, first love, and family secrets in between lies, lust, and loss.

Yet they refuse to give up on each other, not realizing that in doing so, they are creating a self-destructive force, leading them toward rock bottom.

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1st Place in Teen Fiction & Overall Winner of The Infinite Awards 2018
Winner of the Watties Retry Awards 2018
3rd Place in Teen Fiction of the Hidden Gems Awards 2018

Warning: This story is a depiction of real life. It, therefore, contains mature content in the form of explicit language, violence, sex (not smut), smoking, drinking and drug use by minors, as well as some abuse. Just like real life does.

- Chapters are 2200 words on average.

-- Started on October 8th, 2017

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AmiraHenderson AmiraHenderson Dec 14, 2017
You definitely have a hooking preface here. It is a heavy but it works well as I genuinely want to read the next chapter to discover what is going on.
                              The description was nice and vivid. I thought though that most of the sentences started with he which was a bit redundant.
                              Other than that, good job.
- - Jan 03, 2018
 #WWBC y curiosity has been aroused by your detailed description, really good preface.
tracisek tracisek Feb 04, 2018
 #wwbc overall very good description probably a little too good as i was grimacing reading this lol but great job
moonshivers moonshivers Jun 11, 2018
I'm definitely curious about what happened and how it is going to continue!
                              Especially because of your writing style: it's very detailed and engrossing.✨
RockinRails01 RockinRails01 Apr 03, 2018
 #WWBC I think that having this is very beneficial. It really grabbed my attention and through the entire chapter I was wondering what could have happened. It definitely makes me want to continue reading. The bluntness of the chapter is actually what made me so into it so suddenly. I really loved it.
FinallyInfinite FinallyInfinite Feb 08, 2018
I don't think this preface was here when I started reading because none of this is familiar to me at all and I had no idea this stuff took place in 2004/2005 i thought it was like 2017