The Silver Ring

The Silver Ring

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Mayan Albazain By MayanAlbazian Updated Apr 11, 2010

Kristie meets a new comer to her neighborhood. His name is Jason. His mom is the new owner of Kristie's community. Kristie is a writer and is in the middle of writing a story on vampires when she gets sudden urges to add a character by the name of Jason in her story. She feels like the story is writing itself. When she asks Jason if he's been getting a weird feeling lately she realizes that Jason has also been feeling weird. Instead of saying anything he claims his father is behind all this. How could that be if Jason's dad is missing and has been since Jason was a toddler? 

Jason is surprised to see Kristie for the first time. He feels like he's met her before, but he knows he hasn't. He is surprised to find out that Kristie is the author of the vampire story he reads online. He also might know a reason to why he is compelled to Kristie. He blames his missing father for it. He uses a ring, a silver one left by his father, to get in and out of stories, and he realizes that he is in love with Kristie's other self, or rather the main character in Kristie's vampire story.

  • dark
  • jason
  • kristie
  • love
  • myan
  • mystery
  • paranormal
  • revenge
  • ring
  • silver
  • suspense

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