You Made Us

You Made Us

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Laine and Aria Nichols By avadel Updated Aug 26, 2018

[Flash Fiction] 
"The twisted parts of thoughts are within."
Ever wonder what makes a murderer tick?
A stalker follow?
An abuser take pleasure?
Keep reading.

This book takes you through the minds of people whose thoughts blur the lines of social norms and lets you see what they see, live their actions, breathe their justifications. The characters will challenge your definition of right and wrong, normal and strange, sane and insane. Come see what it's like to be a little 'off.'


These are psychological short stories. None have any bearing on the others. Also, the songs at the top of each story are the inspiration for the corresponding chapter. We highly suggest listening and paying extra attention to the words and/or reading while listening. Also, just to remind you, while this will not be graphic, the contents of this compilation may be disturbing to some audiences.

Disclaimer: These stories are for fictional entertainment only. We do not claim to represent any particular mental disorder or to condone illegal actions. Please note that this project is more of a thought experiment than an accurate presentation of mental illness.

Finalist in Horror/Paranormal/Mystery/Thriller - The Sinne Awards, Nov 2018 (@minimxmist)
Honorable Mention in Poetry & Short Story - The Stella Luna Awards, April 2018 (@TheStellaLuna)

\\Through fantasies, veracity//

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