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Phone Calls (Alex Gaskarth)

Phone Calls (Alex Gaskarth)

183K Reads 6.5K Votes 21 Part Story
Anthony By JacknotCrack Completed

"Hello?" I answered the phone.
"Hey, Amy?" 
"No, this is Maddie."
a simple start to a unique story.

SiriuslyADemigod_12 SiriuslyADemigod_12 Oct 19, 2016
I would've hung up really quickly and then die because I'm so awkward
I'm a maddy and when I was playing paintball someone asked my name (I had won bonus points) they thought I said Matty so that was written on the board... it was a lot funnier when it happened I swear
i almost went to the atl and blink concert and at the time i was 15 but i was on vacation ofc :/ but i did meet atl in august so that was nice :))
TrashAndBleachCenter TrashAndBleachCenter Jun 21, 2016
So tell me bout your problems I was killing before killing was cool
Thatchicknobodyknows Thatchicknobodyknows Nov 27, 2016
Two bean burritos, a Mexican pizza no tomatoes, and nachos... I like Taco Bell don't judge me and my fat assness
I want 2 Doritos locos supreme Taco PLS. And 3 supreme burritos!!!
                              I kinda quit eating there bc there was an armpit hair in my Taco  :|.