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Reckless, Brave, Cocky, Undaunted, and Freak are all words that have been used to describe Kiara. Though the one word that comes up repetitively as Kiara grew up was fearless.

When someone is fearless, they're perceived as reckless, running head first into danger with no second thought, Undaunted by even the largest, darkest creatures not even flinching when there's a loud noise. Like most people have a fight or flight response, Kiara only has fight.

No, she didn't train emotional control to get to this point of fearlessness, she was born that way. The emotion of fear, of being terrified, she's never experienced, it's an emotion she's not capable of feeling.

The reason of her being this way, the reason on why she doesn't feel fear... all Kiara knows is that it's because of who her father is.

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