My Dad's Sexy Best Friend

My Dad's Sexy Best Friend

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Tori Leann By turi_leann Updated Apr 27


Olivia Tyler is an 18 year old Senior in High School, she does all her work and is a straight A student. She lives with her Dad, who pushes her to do and be her best. She's never been kissed, and of course has never had sex. So when her dads 28 year old best friend strolls into town, and just so happens to need a place to crash, Olivia's world of getting good grades and staying out of trouble, takes a turn for the worst.

WARNING: The story you are about to read is intented for mature readers due to it's sexual content and language. It may not be suitable or appropriate for all or some audience. PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION.

Really?! U took that long? I usually take like 15 minutes to bathe dress and eat.
That is how I feel with my dad always having to have the air conditioner on 69 degrees in the morning and in my room it gets cold easily
sugarbaby2869 sugarbaby2869 Mar 09, 2016
Wowliv yoi could've put on a robe or something before you open the door of your house.
livyloo27 livyloo27 Jul 02, 2016
If she's 18, how come she's still in school? Or is it coming to the end of Yr 13? Sorry I'm English...
Destinyg2002 Destinyg2002 Mar 01, 2016
You hear that she just threatened you so you better fix it and fast
queen903 queen903 Jun 04, 2016
Wow what a little b!tch.....your going to let a girl punk you