To the ones who care||Max and Harvey Mills

To the ones who care||Max and Harvey Mills

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M. By MandHfanficx Updated Nov 10, 2018

Harvey Mills is a former pop sensation that had to step out of the lime light after a mysterious figure published everything about their personal life . Meaning: phone numbers, address, location of all family members, etc., which leads to an unexpected flight to a place they've never seen: Toronto,Ontario, Canada. After the incident that changed their lives for the worst, they have to lay low. 

Harvey's not gonna let that stop him from losing hope and following his dreams, but there's only one rule: don't let anyone know you were "Max and Harvey".

Lucy Michaels is a down to earth girl who doesn't believe in love. She doesn't believe that life will end with a happily ever after and doesn't have her head in the clouds over guys like most girls at her school .

It's the beginning of the school year and of course, there's a new guy. 
Every girl has their eyes on him except for Lucy.

With diagnosed depression and anxiety, not to mention suicidal thoughts, it's hard to think anything good will happen, but when a dreamer comes into her world of harsh reality, can he teach her the true meaning of hope and love? 

P.s. There may be a lot of parts but they normally contain about 200-400 words, so they're pretty short. 

The book will get better as you go.

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