Horus Series Book 4: Loving a Forbidden Mate (BXB)

Horus Series Book 4: Loving a Forbidden Mate (BXB)

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Rian Lester Zorien Edzard Ingvar is the next in line to the throne of Horus. Born to the main kings of Horus, Rian had everything he needed. Yet, he didn’t feel like his parents understood him. His love of dominating and controlling every living thing upset his parents regularly. To Rian, becoming a gangster was the solution to his problems even if his loved ones would desert him because of his choice. Only problem was a blue eyed Chubbly kept getting in the way. Will saving the troublesome Chubbly become his salvation?

Mikai Evan Hunter was mated to Rian from his birth. Rian appeared to hate him and calls him “Chubbly". Truth was there was no one who understood Rian better than Mikai. Yet a childhood accident with the mating stone had skewered his destiny linking him to a mate he had killed in a past life. A mate who is out for revenge and holds a grudge against everyone Mikai loved. Because of him, Rian was a forbidden mate to him now. What is the consequence of loving a forbidden mate who has become a gangster? Will Rian love him enough to save him from his fate?

Cover credit goes to TheAlev ♥

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Jetc_15 Jetc_15 Sep 11
I honk that Miami I had the actual intelligence of a average person but everyone is used to the average person being  the smartest person if they were to be on Earth
I like Mika later but gods I'd forgotten how much I hate him as a child......
Dusky- Dusky- Oct 04
Is this a miricale?  Pkease tell me i am not dreaming?  
                              Who am i kidding nothing ever goes this smoothly i need me some seatbelts
kandrea31 kandrea31 Sep 30
Rian needs psychological evaluation...for 4 he is diabolical.
Ahahhahahahhahhhahwhhahhahajjaha!!!!! Mikai is just like Rain loool
Dusky- Dusky- Oct 04
Omf another one
                              Is dis like,  another emotional rollercoast? 
                              I demand harnesses