Rise of the Immortal (The Risen And The Fallen LitRPG Part #1) [Under Editing]

Rise of the Immortal (The Risen And The Fallen LitRPG Part #1) [Under Editing]

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Max M. Hope By MaxMHope Updated Dec 01, 2019

[Under Heavy Editing]

Marty Rider is an unpopular high school sophomore. Since he was a kid, he only had the virtual world, which he could escape via VR equipment, as a company. It caused him to get obsessed with virtual reality, and people started discriminating against him due to his obsession until he was at the bottom of the social ladder. 

Furthermore, when a revolutionary, hyper-realistic, hack & slash style VRMMORPG titled Realm of Order Online gets released, he descends farther down the social ladder.

When he first entered the game, his character got spawned in the game world without anything, giving him a massive disadvantage. Soon, he fell behind everyone else in high school, standing out like a sore thumb in the group more than before. Due to that, he got discriminated even more while he grew more and more obsessed with the game every passing day, trying his hardest to catch up with the other students. But he always messed up, resulting in him getting farther and farther behind than others.

One day, while being chased by one of the bullies in the game, he accidentally encounters a boss who is way out of his level, and he is forced to fight the boss with every fiber of his will and being to survive. In the end, he wins, and-with a new companion that he looks up to on his side-starts to advance toward glory that he righteously deserves while struggling against great obstacles that yearn to kill him or to drag him down from his rise.

But as time passes, he gets separated more and more from reality while falling deeper and deeper into the world of Realm of Order Online. 

This is the story of a victim of reality who slowly gets addicted to the virtual world of a videogame.

Cover by @StoryWriterKato

(Originally Completed At 2018-8-15)