His First

His First

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owang29 By owang29 Updated Aug 29

He has everything. The Look, The Fame, The Fortune, The Power.

Everyone in the world knows him. Some say he has no soul, just because he doesn't even blink when he crushes someone else's life. Some other, worship the ground he walks on. Some other, can't help but envy everything about him. 

But even with the world under his feet, There's nothing he wants more than this one girl. The one girl he already sets his eyes on since their toddler days. She's the only girl he'd gladly give up everything for. The only girl he will never think twice to get down on his knees just to see her smile. The only girl he ever loves.

She is His world.




Little does he know that he's also hers.

Man by that time I would have forgotten the sick life and ran away to a vast jungle and become an expert on survival or something!!! Who cares about humanity when you could be free in the jungle, am I right???
Excited to read further....an interesting start u gave to this story.
I can't believe she's willing to ruin this relationship but not the one she has with Nick
MaddyluvsJc MaddyluvsJc Aug 15
Nicklaus ❤️ my overly confident, Klaroline shipper, hybrid with family problems
lowreignxx lowreignxx Jun 03
What if omg, Nicklaus and Eleanor don't work out at the end, then she sees Vance and boom, she falls in love with him.
How? I rather think that your parents would actually be excited considering how close your families are.