Friends With The Bionics (Lab Rats)

Friends With The Bionics (Lab Rats)

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Zoey Valentine is the school's trouble maker and "bad girl". She's known for getting herself into lots of trouble. She's sort-of friends with Leo Dooley, and her life changed forever the day she met Leo's super-human siblings Adam, Bree, and Chase Davenport. She soon finds out about their bionics, and swears to keep it a secret. With new bionic friends, ANYTHING can happen. 

This follows season ONE of Lab Rats, so lots of the dialogue is the same, or slightly changed to fit the situation. There are going to be all real episodes and some fake ones made by me. Most of it is like a "what if she was there?" kind of thing. All rights got to the creators of Lab Rats.

SEASON TWO IS OUT! Make sure to read the sequel!

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ThatRandomRainbow ThatRandomRainbow Feb 29, 2016
Reference to Star Wars. Anybody her heard of Jar Jar Binks. And Stretch Legstrong is actually a reference to Stretch Armstrong. A very popular toy in the seventies. Oh Lab Rats you're references are amazing.
ThatRandomRainbow ThatRandomRainbow Feb 29, 2016
Love it! Finally a fanfic that actually makes sense. You are nailing this.
TDS_MSP TDS_MSP Dec 22, 2015
I've read lots of stories where people write a character into each episode of Lab Rats, and yours is just about the only one that I like. Good job, author.
zuzzygirl45cake zuzzygirl45cake Mar 23, 2015
I really like it and I'm sure that the next part will be really good!
EruditeIceSparkle77 EruditeIceSparkle77 Feb 01, 2015
What if his research facility was the bionic academy except it wasn't an academy it was just a research facility.
NikkiViera16 NikkiViera16 Dec 07, 2014
@LabRats_Lover Thats what this is supposed to be, seasons 1-3 with another character added in. There are some fan made episodes though, and believe me I am aware of my overuse of the word 'said'.  it's an awful habit of mine. I hope you enjoy the story though!