Can You Keep A Secret?

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Talia Serenity Hope By DreamingImagination Updated 3 years ago
Most people move because of job opportunities and promotions. But not Valeria Cox. Sure, if you asked her father, he would tell you they had moved because of love issues. He would explain that his daughter's boyfriend 'passed away', but that would only be part of the truth. The whole truth is what's killing Valeria slowly from the inside. The real truth causes endless nights of lying awake and feeling so, so guilty... she reaches for something sharp. Of course, sharp things are hard to find in the house after Valeria's first visit to the ER. What is so terrible that it causes Valeria's heart to ache so much? Well... She might tell you. It depends... Can you keep a secret?
Lol I understand and it's not all that bad :D @ImAgInAtIoN1o1