Falling In Love With... A Fallen?

Falling In Love With... A Fallen?

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Hello there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im new sorta, ive read alot on this site for about 2 years and  never made an account, so ya i guess im new to writing stuff. Well im gonna shut up and let you read now! 




  I'm 17, and turning  18 on march 3 I'm a brunette with some blue streaks, with boring chocolate brown eyes. I am skinny and have a fair amount of curves in all the right places, and I have a lip piercing and a nose piercing. Yes, I am emo and I'm proud of it! My parents don't really pay any attention to me but I don't mind, I like to be alone anyway... I have a few best friends and none of them are emo like me, but I don't mind... by the way I don't cut myself, I don't enjoy the pain. 

"Dakota" My mother called me from down stairs.

"What?" I called back. I was going to ignore them but that's never good I would have some type of grounding and trust me I like my freedom.

"Come here" She yelled back again. I groaned and got off my bed and started down the ...

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myratareen myratareen Jul 18, 2013
so the emo part not a good beginning but after that its such a good book
PlavaSeherzada PlavaSeherzada Jan 01, 2013
This is such a AMZING book!!!! I love it Please upload more!!!!!
babygirl4798 babygirl4798 Jan 11, 2012
im starting to write A Book only did 2 chapters im not sure if pple like it lol so check it out? x) comment any ideas too X)
rachelv rachelv Jun 15, 2011
i loved reading this book i read it in a day lol :) it was amzing i loved the idea :P could you check out my work i've only written a chapter but could you tell me what you think? xx
misscorpse misscorpse Aug 08, 2010
also do you mean sorta like scene? -an emo that doesn't cut or anything just dresses emo- look it up. ????
Darkness94 Darkness94 Jul 09, 2010
Hey im new, as in i just joined yesterday, to writing on wattpad and publicly,. I know this is kinda weird but can you read my stories: Im marrying Vlad the Impaler.. I cant be falling in love wit him..can i?! and Escaping the Demon i married, please comment on the and tell me what you think