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mola's cover shop » closed

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𝐭𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐢𝐫𝐞 🐨 By neobeginnings Updated Dec 16, 2017

in which mola gives you covers. 

(re-doing. no longer on @badassgordon)


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HermioneForever HermioneForever Nov 25, 2017
Title: Roses
                              Author: HermioneForever
                              Face Claim: Caity Lotz
                              Subtitle: None
                              Anything Else: Can it please be like example three? Thanks so much! <3
miseulily miseulily Dec 08, 2017
Title: Miranda
                              Author: dailygranger_
                              Face claim: Harry Styles (pictures of him in the year of 2012 or 2013)
                              Subtitle: none
                              Example: 4!
                              Anything else: nope. Thanks! :)
shanegrays shanegrays Oct 18, 2017
Title cat puns
                              Author cannibals-
                              Face claim alissa violet
                              Subtitle none
                              Anything else like Reticent please
HermioneForever HermioneForever Sep 24, 2017
Title: The Killings of Westfay
                              Author: HermioneForever
                              Face claim: none
                              Subtitle: none
                              Anything else: can it be like example 1. I would like it to be a plain background, maybe with a house in the distance. It is a mystery/thriller/supernatural original story. 
                              Thank you!
HermioneForever HermioneForever Nov 05, 2017
Title: Strangled Love
                              Author: HermioneForever
                              Face Claim: Eiza González
                              Subtitle: None
                              Anything Else: Can it be like example three please?? Thank you! Sorry I request so much.
-strawberrrymilk -strawberrrymilk Nov 23, 2017
title: Indigo
                              author: lunarvisions
                              faceclaim: i don’t want a face claim 
                              subtitle: i can’t change even if i tried. 
                              example: i love example 5
                              anything else: can it have something to do with a girl under water? or just drowning in general? lots of blue and indigo colors if you can