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ERIC DABBS By ericdabbs Completed

A cold adrenaline rush...
The chill of death...

Book 1 in the Sea Lab Series.

The world's coral reefs hold a delicate balance of complex and diverse marine life...until now. Something with an insatiable appetite has transformed these aquatic sanctuaries into dead zones devoid of fish. Whatever lurks these tropical waters isn't natural, but is a biological monstrosity of an experiment gone terribly wrong.

Jake Soloman, an ex-Navy intelligence officer and a marine biologist with Sea Lab International, has three problems. One, the woman he loves thinks he cheated on her. Two, he's been assigned with his good friend, Tony Cruze, to keep an eye on her from a distance while in the Bahamas off Paradise Island. And three, he has to find a way to survive an encounter with a savage creature that is determined to have him as its next meal.

Sarah Lawson, Jake's lost love, is on assignment to investigate the depleted fish populations along a coral reef frequented by divers and fisherman. She's determined to find out who's to blame for the lack of marine life, and the creation of a monstrous fish with a hunger for flesh and blood.

OCEAN BLUE is an adventure novel with a flare of science fiction, set in the present.


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