Playing Princess

Playing Princess

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Every little girl has wanted to be a princess: the pretty dresses, the balls and the princes. It was like a fairytale dream come true.

Astrid Wellington has quickly learned that the life of a socialite, indulging in riches was nothing of the fairytale sort: snobby, rich people surround her daily, and she's forced to put up with the life she'd never wanted. Going to a private school with the spawn of sociaites had been the worst of her worries. At least she was accustomed to it.

However, what Astrid wasn't prepared for was to be suddenly whisked off to a foreign country on the coast of South America to step in as the Crown Princess of Aldern.

And nothing could have possibly prepared her for the pressures that came with playing princess.

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miles_xox miles_xox Jul 10, 2016
What you on about? It sucks being the eldest of 4. I have to do everything cos I'm the eldest and the rest are incompetent. I wanna be an only child.
sonderful_l sonderful_l Feb 12, 2017
Double innuendo or am I just being dirty minded? Too much wattpad for today...... nah
spaghetti_tacos spaghetti_tacos Jul 07, 2014
I absolutely adore your cover. The book is not what I thought it would be based on the cover, but you know what they say. I love the book as well, but your cover is just perfection. Who made it for you?
katsclaw23 katsclaw23 Jan 06, 2014
I think the book is great! It doesn't have magic or fantasy but I really like it! :D
DazzleelzzaD DazzleelzzaD Jul 19, 2012
Oooh!! that's so cool! Can't wait to find out how it fits into Mystery/Suspense :)
                              Aww Kyle's a really cute charater :)
Jamie_Robyn Jamie_Robyn Apr 22, 2012
Nice and funny chapter :)
                              and God bless to you also in the Watty Awards :D