Alpha's Bargain

Alpha's Bargain

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Rida By mistandfuryy Updated 7 hours ago

"It's in the bargain that you are required to stay in the Alpha's house."

I scoffed. My heartbeat suddenly increased, both from his intense stare, and the fact that I would have to stay in the same house as him and the raven haired girl.

"You're lying."

He shrugged, his arrogance returning to him in full swing.

"It was sealed with a blood oath. Do you really think my father was that feebleminded? He knew what he was doing," he replied nonchalantly.

My hands shook at the information that had just been revealed to me.

The consequences of breaking a blood oath were irreversibly horrifying. There were things in this world, things worse than death.

And I was not one to play those games.


Alpha Andres made a colossal mistake when he admittingly bargained his daughter away to the enemy for a year. What nobody saw coming was that she was being sent right into the arms of her mate: Alpha of the Blue Crescent Pack.

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SecretMonpetite SecretMonpetite 4 days ago
When I read beloved I thought it was a vampire story/book but it already says Alpha and mate 😬
AimmyB AimmyB Mar 11
I'm oh so reading it because first two paragraphs are so beautifully written. Happy reading to me. yeeeesss
abower9611 abower9611 Mar 10
What it's his fault because he got her pergnet.he just wants someone else to blame other than himself😡😱😒
Elesibe Elesibe a day ago
Whoa, this story has much better grammar than most. Also, I love it already! Thanks!
ImBrokenSaveMe ImBrokenSaveMe 5 days ago
Your Luna gave up her life for your child's you think you would at least respect that😟😟😟
elephant44 elephant44 Mar 10
What a nasty father . I hope he gets his just deserts, his daughter is innocence to all this