One Step Closer... ( Married to a widower...)

One Step Closer... ( Married to a widower...)

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Raindrops [ মেঘবালিকা ] By truant_Delilah_xx Updated Nov 15, 2016

                                     #13 IN ROMANCE

Suddenly his one teardrop falls on my chest and rolls down into my blouse and disappears between the valey of my breasts. The sensation of the warm droplet in that tender part makes my toe curl.

" Siddharta?"
My word gets carried away by the feeble storm which has suddenly broken into the room being the messanger of the upcoming rain. Welcoming the moisty air I again pat his cloudy hair, "Sidhu?"
He replies tiredly clinging into me with more force. Oh his gesture! My world becomes upside down by it. And he has no idea how he is crashing me with his weight, with the anticipation... He lays all over me...My 21 years' heart pounds like crazy...for the first loving touch of him...for the first embrace...and for the first realisation that he needs me.....


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ShawonEric ShawonEric Jul 15, 2016
I'm ready to take the risk :D  I guess it worth's it with a warm sensational mood... :p :p
ashleymaevictorio3 ashleymaevictorio3 Oct 16, 2016
This song is for you Mr. Dimples. "I have died everyday waiting for you"
DebaratiGhose DebaratiGhose Nov 03, 2016
Your note made me smile, very candid of you. And yes I am going to read further in spite of your warning.
futureQueen24 futureQueen24 Aug 12, 2016
This song makes me cry all the time. Especially in Breaking Dawn Part 2.😭
itsdisneychanyeol itsdisneychanyeol Aug 05, 2016
@Meghu_die_Beste  I'm finally reading this book 😆 Seems so interesting! I'm excited 😄
clararicks1 clararicks1 Dec 04, 2015
Hey! I love the beginning description. Looking forward to read and surely enjoy this story. :)