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The daughter of Zeus

The daughter of Zeus

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Kara By wearestars9 Updated Mar 19, 2014

Hi I am the daughter of Zeus king of the gods and god of the sky and my name Amelia my mom is the queen the gods Hera the goddess of marriage . Your probably like Zeus and Hera didn't have a daughter , well they kept me pretty well hid only the gods of Olympus knew about me they each protested a gift on me      Athena wisdom to outsmart others  Apollo singing  Amertis to be great hunter  Ares to be a great warrior in battle  Aphrodite well to be as beautiful has her  And from dad he made the best cyclops to forge me a mini lightning bolt like my dad Zeus   That's a lot of gifts to keep up with to !  I will turn 19next week   And on my birthday their are birthday crashes   Oh and my dad surprisingly forgot to tell me in the 18 years I have been alive that I am suppose to marry hades son to stop hades from steeling the throne from my dad . Real professional dad . professional .     ===========================  Hope you like it   Enjoy and Amelia's crazy adventure

GreekParadise GreekParadise Dec 04, 2016
Zeus did have a daughter! lol Zeus had thousands of kids she kept cheating on his wife and constantly slept around
Hollyyyyy21 Hollyyyyy21 Dec 04, 2016
Marry your cousin. Completely normal. I mean Hera threw her son off a cliff and married her brother. I mean why not marry your cousin
_emilylol _emilylol Jan 29, 2016
Since Zeus and hades are brothers that would make their children cousins and that's messed up and invest
haruhikirishiki_ haruhikirishiki_ Apr 04, 2016
Actually Author in Greek mythology Zeus and Hera had 2 daughters Hebe goddess of eternal youth and Eileithyia goddess of child birth both are Ares God of war's sisters ... Just giving u ideas
IFuxkedYoHoeBro_ IFuxkedYoHoeBro_ Jul 23, 2016
Oh.. Y'all that type of family...
                              Marrying your cousin...
                              Might as well be incest ya nasties
jcnicky360 jcnicky360 Feb 07
Trust me honey, Apollo's poems are horrible. I feel bad for you. At least ur poems won't be as bad, Right? Pls tell me I'm right