Twisted Faith *Re-Doing!*

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Lisa J By MidnightGalxXx Updated 2 years ago
It’s a new TV show that’s got the humans talking. They believe it’s the best paranormal show out now but to the supernatural community it’s a reality show for their amusement.
    Shifters, vampires, witches, mages, angels, demons, fairies and many more are all thrown into an isolated town not knowing there are cameras hidden everywhere.
    A human girl, unknowing what they are, is thrown into the mix.
    Remember things aren't always as they seem.
For me, it was a very good start and I'm glad to read more! :)
This is a great idea or a story! It's very creative! I like, no I love it! :D
I really love this, such a creative spin on the 'super natural' theme. Im excited to read more! keep up the good work :)
@MidnightGalxXx lol, the last stand ay? Lol, you are getting desperate.
@MidnightGalxXx Lol, again with your treats. Little girl, little girl (literally XD)
@MidnightGalxXx LMAO, you'll need a ladder first, so you can actually look me in the eye while saying that treat, other ways it just doesn't have the right effect.