Now and Forever

Now and Forever

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Part One: Callie wanted Stef and Lena to be her mothers more than anything, but there was still a huge problem. She was in love with Brandon and if she'd get adopted, they wouldn't be able to be together. One thing led to another, they spent a night alone, things just happened. Callie didn't expect to later find out she was pregnant with her foster sibling's baby.

Part Two: At the age of 19 and 20, Brandon and Callie both weren't expecting to have a four year old son or have their daughter on the way. They didn't think they'd be living in a house together - let alone be married for almost 5 years. They've been through miscarriages, accidents, relationship problems - but they've only come out stronger in it all. They were ready to move on from the past and leave it all behind. Sometimes, things don't always work out how they want it to.

Part three: "I played piano and you played guitar. We both created something beautiful but in the end, strings break and keys lose their melody."

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writer1419 writer1419 Aug 13, 2015
Mckenzie and not Brandon cuz I feel like Mason would. Get jealous Michael
liliaherreraa liliaherreraa Feb 10, 2015
Umm I posted this in June of last year soo um u late like really late and I know I was over reacting and I read the entire book so it don't matter anymore just saying u really late  @livinforthenow
- - Jan 20, 2015
I'm currently re-reading this story, and I feel like I'm re-watching a tv show or something! I really do love this story though, and I can't wait to see what will happen in part three! ❤️
brallieforever brallieforever Jul 02, 2014
@theahoman no I changed it. Read the summary if it's a little confusing! Haha, sorry!
brallieforever brallieforever May 11, 2014
@summerlove98 thank you so much. I LOVE your story too. it's amazing. like, it could literally be in The Fosters show.
Complete_fangirl Complete_fangirl Feb 25, 2014
Lol!I can tell this will be promising.Please don't be like other stories and give up on it.I'm already hooked