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African Goddess By steamyromance21 Updated Jan 03

Persuaded. Taken. Gone... A slave to her own demands, trapped under the mountain. 

Seduction, release, repeat. 

Bodies collide in an never ending dance of love. Groans and fake moans fill the air within a hopeless depravity. 

Seduction, release, repeat.

Legs torn apart in the most  carnal desire of lust. 


The animalistic addiction that will never cease within her dying soul. 

Seduction. Release. Repeat.

Until it all comes to an abrupt stand still and she's taken.


"I don't like dishonesty Eyonna."

He spoke in such a seductive manner it almost made her feel dizzy with hysteria; she was merely drunk off his sexy dominance.

"What are you gonna do about it?"

"Show you who you belong to." With every word he spoke he took a step closer in her direction. He was a lion ready to capture its prey. 

Her heart skipped a beat with a tinge of fear and excitement. He lightly grasped her neck, pushing her back inch by inch just as he followed. Once her back hit the wall, he gently squeezed her neck. He lowered down to her ear, and with one slow lick she was desperate for more. 

The voices in her head chanted 'take me, take me.' 

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