Lances & Daggers

Lances & Daggers

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Taiki Ogawa By Ogawa_Taiki Completed

In order to pay his debts to the Exploration Guild, Lance Ainsworth accepts an anonymous quest and heads out to investigate the recent disappearances that have been happening in the town of Ashenbrook. Soon, however, he realizes that his mission is not as simple as it seems. A fog that does not lift. A monster that lurks about. The Witch and the Blight. 

In Ashenbrook, an adventurer, a knight, and a mage cross paths, and together, they face an ancient threat and a recurring conspiracy.

  Volume 1: The Ashenbrook Disappearances 
  © 2017 by Taiki Ogawa, illustrations by Ayane @trulyDemonic
  All rights reserved                
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Omega__Chan Omega__Chan Mar 28
I really like how this chapter came about. It really pulls u in to go for another read of a chapter. Way to go!! You got my Vote for sure.
BleachedWhite BleachedWhite Oct 20, 2017
The first chapter was great. The chapter title fits perfectly well. I'm loving it so far. Keep up the good work
xKazuKun xKazuKun May 17
Awesome opening author-sama!
                              (Well, The people above already typed the other things i want to say so i just added a lil' twist to it.)
Omega__Chan Omega__Chan Mar 28
Was good is it trying to impress her if you die? Try to impres her once you've won, or better yet let her decide if your worth impressing her dude. Fighting a monster while trying to impress a random girl us not good, but you'll always be down with two options in the end: her or you?
ImperialSun ImperialSun Oct 05, 2017
This was a great start. Had a nice amount of action and was descriptive too ☺
abdo16khaled abdo16khaled Nov 01, 2017
this part is so realistic where even in the amidst of danger still thinking about the things his desires want. then, with the roar like thunder his desires vanishes and replaced by fear once more