Heroes Vs Aliens Vs Predator

Heroes Vs Aliens Vs Predator

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This story ignores all the events of 2004's Alien Vs Predator and 2007's Requiem and is an direct sequel to 1990's Predator 2 also ignoring 2010's Predators.

Story also closely follows the storyline of the 1994 AVP arcade game with some changes set during Season 3 of SG, Shortly after start of Season 4 of Flash after Barry left Speedforce, Season 3 of LOT and Season 6 of Arrow 

In National City during the hottest summer on record crime rates are up and the temps are hot and Supergirl is doing all she can to keep the city safe with the help of the DEO.

One night an ship mysteriously crashes in National City containing eggs of an species that quickly grows into an terrifying monster populated by hundreds invading National City within 48 hours

Supergirl and the D.E.O find out the Xenomorphs are unstoppable until Kara finds out an Predator tribe called The Crinjita were secretly following her decide to offer they're help which she accepts in exchange for an truce from an war involving her people and Predators years ago. 

Kara also decides to get help from The Flash, Green Arrow, and the Legends of tomorrow and their friends who get thrown in the middle of an war between the Xenomorphs and Predators

The Xenomorphs have come for Kara's earth and it's up to Supergirl, The Flash, The Green Arrow, The Legends of Tomorrow along with their friends and The Predator to stop them from turning the earth into their hive leading to an blood war with an horrifying secret for some and an heartbreaking end.  

I dont own the Arrowverse or Alien vs Predator, both owned by Warner Bros./CW/DC Comics, 20th Century Fox/Brandywine/Dark Horse Comics, Also don't own Alien characters by Dan O'Bannon And Ronald Shusett And Predator Characters By Jim Thomas and John Thomas,