Exist (BoyxBoy)

Exist (BoyxBoy)

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Lyssa F. By SeikaPhoenix Updated Oct 05

Noah Peterson was a normal, eleven year-old boy. He loved his family and enjoyed his carefree life. However, all of that changed one day, when he spilled a secret of his father to his mother. His father's mental state had slowly been chipped away by an evil entity, until his youngest son made the last of his control shatter. 

Noah's father turned into a psychotic man, enjoying the feeling of turning his wife and other two offspring against Noah. When that wasn't enough...the abuse started. 

All forms of abuse.


Five years later, Noah's life would begin to change again, and hopefully...this time it would get better.


This book WAS going to be different, but guess what? My imagination got away from me in the third chapter. Exist wasn't supposed to be the crazy fantasy novel that it's turning out to be, but I love it just the same. Yeah, I know... It needs a lot of rewriting and editing for the first few chapters, but I started this book in early 2014, when I was a HORRIBLE writer. I'm not even joking. 

So now, along with severe depictions of violence, abuse, and language (in the very beginning, not so much later), there are werewolves, angels, demons, elemental users, "talking" animals, and more. Please give it a try, okay? It's not as bad as you would think, haha... *cringes* Okay, it's pretty bad up until the third chapter. 

Thanks for giving it (and me) a chance, though. :)

I still don't get it. Why didn't she go to the police? Her husband is abusive and obviously doesn't love her or well anyone. He's tortured her child, how can she bare to listen to her child's screams of pain and not do anything about it?!
I wish I am being treated like a dog, a worthless slave by my family too
Took me a little while but now I get what the new dog thing was in the book description.
helldemonsingblood helldemonsingblood Jul 05, 2014
Noah, cheer up you've got someone who's always with you right? Right! Update soon when you've got the time! Your story is absolutely positively an awesome mixture of fantasy!
helldemonsingblood helldemonsingblood Jul 05, 2014
I feel bad for Noah to have a terrible memories but oh well Its very interesting and I'd like to know more and how it end so please update soon
KosMos01 KosMos01 May 06, 2014
Well as much as that was disturbing and heartbreaking to what Noah went through, this story is rather interesting.
                              I would love to read more it you ever get the chance to update.