Years {Glee/Klaine}

Years {Glee/Klaine}

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Kurt Hummel's life had led up to the very moment he took the chance to escape to the big city, New York. Blaine Anderson's morning had led up to the moment he stepped into homeroom.

When back in the hometown of Lima, Ohio, Kurt and the other graduates have the opportunity to help out the Glee Club and reconnect with old friends. But with old friends come new, as he and a captivating young boy named Blaine are about to find out. How much can two people really change when they're years, miles, and thoughts apart? 

(Disclaimer: I do not own Glee, nor do I own the characters, places, or songs associated with it. This is a work of fiction, and all writing aside from song lyrics are works of my own. No copyright infringement intended.) 


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nerdgirl0416 nerdgirl0416 Nov 19, 2017
Honestly though, I think Blaine says Kurt’s name different then everyone. Like he holds the K longer or something... idek but it’s adorable.
_polarise_Ustar _polarise_Ustar Oct 09, 2017
My dude that would have been a year if you guys just graduated
nerdgirl0416 nerdgirl0416 Nov 19, 2017
Knows the kid for less then 12 hours and is already inviting him over to his house. Wankyyyy
wxnnaone wxnnaone Sep 14, 2017
same tho it sounds angelic and sexy at the same time wtf i'm saying kill me now
findingdawnlight findingdawnlight Nov 27, 2017
Why? Because he has a voice higher than any girls, or just because he wears nice outfits! Are you stereotyping him Blaine? Are You? Huh? huh?
                              Blaine: Umm...could someone get this crazy girl off of me?
                              Kurt: Get off my new boyfriend!
findingdawnlight findingdawnlight Nov 27, 2017
You should make him wink at Kurt. He is so cute when he winks! Or flirts! Or sings baby, it's cold outside...