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MisawaAB2008-2010 By MisawaAB2008-2010 Updated Jul 26, 2011

In a world fallen into dissaray, Zevulun Ishikawa is assigned a scout mission at the young age of 17. Life in the 2400's is not nearly as luxurious as it was in the 2000's however. In a world where you have to fight to survive and think on your feet, he excels in fighting forms that do not require so much strength as intelligence, coordination, and quick-wittedness. Unlike most his age, he fights with a staff, the balance of offense and defense. In this he is truly reflected, having the best of most skills. and the worst of few. He sees things in a way no one else does, where strength is a dominant force he chooses intellect and cunning. His mind operates in a way completely different from anyone else, he is... Unique.
This is his story.

SavyJParker SavyJParker Mar 09, 2011
This sounds really interesting. Prolouge is great. Good job.
PaintingFlowers4You PaintingFlowers4You Mar 07, 2011
Love the way this prolouge is written sounds very interesting :D!
shelbylw03 shelbylw03 Mar 07, 2011
Still love the way you word things, and how you have quotes at the beginning. One thing I would suggest is separating your dialogue with a line like you would when writing a new paragraph. It makes it less confusing for some. But its just a suggestions you can leave it the way it is if you like.
shelbylw03 shelbylw03 Mar 07, 2011
I just recently started reading sci-fi stories and yours definitely hasn't disappointed me. I absolutely love the way you wrote this. The details and your grammar are fantastic and the whole thing flows very well. You got my vote. 
queenkay queenkay Feb 23, 2011
hey you have a great story here Ienjoyed reading and  imlooking forward to finishing it  : )  you have my vote
MisawaAB2008-2010 MisawaAB2008-2010 Feb 17, 2011
@aqua0625 Thanks for the comment and the fan, I'll update Friday with a new chapter. It's a bit different from the last few, but I hope you enjoy.