The Daughter's Blood

The Daughter's Blood

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Veil Nebula By veilnebula Updated Jan 03

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New Imperos is considered the city where magic was born. As witches, vampires, fairies and more claimed their power and rose out of the shadows, a new era began that slowly spread across the world. No longer did they have to hide. They were finally free. 

But not everything in New Imperos is as wonderful as it appears. Peony lives on the outskirts of the city in the dilapidated shanty town housing the unfortunate humans living their lives without magic. Even further away nestled in a lush forest is Lucasta, trapped in a manor that is the headquarters for an intricate sex trafficking operation. 

The lives of two girls, separated by class and distance, become inextricably intertwined. Nothing is what it seems, and inevitably they'll learn that their blood is much stronger than they ever imagined.

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Limnophiles Limnophiles Jan 27
The name Grant always reminds me of Grant Gustin (who likes the Flash?), who is sweet and caring but this dude just makes me so irritated and mad. Is that how you treat your wife when you get home?!
RosaleePearson RosaleePearson Nov 16, 2017
WTF y do poor peeps always end up in these predicament..and to make it all worst seems like he ih an abuser....but WTH what was he hoping to get if he is having sex with a woman a plasma tv
veilnebula veilnebula Oct 20, 2017
IKR like why can’t mine be that perfect lol literally crying
AreeshaKhaled AreeshaKhaled Nov 15, 2017
why do boys have such plump lips and we're stuck with thin threads?
RosaleePearson RosaleePearson Nov 16, 2017
to the description in the first paragraph i would of though she was too poor to get rid of it
Limnophiles Limnophiles Jan 27
I like the mystery of this book. Because we know so little about your main character and her husband, we want to read on to find out more <3 Loving it so far